If u like Sherlock and gay ships ur in the right p

It's raining, it poring, sherlock is boring.
I'm laughing I'm crying sherlock is dying...

September 22, 2014 at 3:12pm
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This are mine Sherlock ~ ♪ - Happy Red Pants Monday!


This are mine Sherlock ~  - Happy Red Pants Monday!

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This adorable

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This adorable

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Here’s something I’ve never understood: Sherlock jumps off a building and fakes his death for 2 yrs to protect John. Why, when Sherlock has been shot but not told anyone who it is, would John…

This makes tons of sense, and I appreciate you taking the time to delve into such detail. We haven’t seen the conversation between them where Sherlock explains it all to John, so who knows how much John knows? It just seems that he MUST know the basics: Sherlock jumps or John dies. How else can that be interpreted?

So I think you’re right that it’s a very intentional way for the writers to show us that John is still struggling with what he feels for Sherlock and not being sure that Sherlock is capable of the same.

Totally off-topic, I always laugh at this scene:

Sherlock Holmes: I think I’ll surprise John. He’ll be delighted.

Mycroft Holmes: You think so?

Sherlock Holmes: Mm, pop into Baker Street and - who knows? - jump out of a cake.

Um, you mean like a stripper? Because who else jumps out of cakes? Pretty much just strippers. I don’t know how it’s perceived in the rest of the world, but that tradition started in the States in the late 1800’s and is pretty much a bachelor party trope.

It’s OK I can meta all day if needs be. I do think John knows the basics but John doesn’t think that Sherlock is a bad person he thinks that sherlock doesn’t have the ability to care in the same way than “normal” people do, so i’m pretty sure that his line of reasoning is something like “course he did, he wouldn’t want us to die. doesn’t mean he’s in love with me though”. I honestly thinks John goes back and forth on this subject, Scandal is mostly about John wondering if Sherlock is capable of romantic love. But every time John gets a glimpse that Sherlock is capable of love and, more than that, romantic love the writers make John perceive Sherlock in a way that makes John think that he was wrong. Typical example: the ending of TsoT, Sherlock looks super sad, John is like “OH WTF I hope I didn’t get everything wrong, I mean I did try on my stag night and it didn’t work, no it’s probably a trick (Sherlock does that, he tricks John) let’s make a no homo joke haha”. But still, Sherlock looked super sad. And then the first part of HLV is literally dedicated to making John believe that he was wrong and that sherlock is, indeed, incapable of love/caring.

I think it’s also hard to do but we must always remember that as an audience we know things the characters don’t and we have to adapt to their POV to understand reactions that seem frankly horrible when we watch them with our (mostly) omniscient POV. I think that a lot of people who are angry at s3 John or resent him don’t go through that process. sure we see Sherlock’s struggling, we see Sherlock’s pain, we see sherlock realizing he’s in love with John. John only sees a fraction of that and dismisses it because of ALL the things that happened during the past four years.  I also think John never recovered from Sherlock faking his death and never really will. Not to mention that sherlock gives John a lot of mixed signals during s3. 

If I had to go further i would also argue that the audience reception of John’s actions during s3 is due to 1) a fundamental misunderstanding of John that has mostly been nurtured by fandom and fanfictions. As I said, John saying those kind of things isn’t new. He does it in TGG, he does it in TRF, John is a prick, sorry. there’s no other words. He’s not this super kind guy, super popular with tons of friends. He’s fucked up and rude and probably has gone through a lot of shit, he has trust issues, is depressive maybe bordering on suicidal, his relationship with Sherlock is completely codependent and they’re not the healthiest people in town. This changes nothing to the fact that John adores sherlock, is madly in love with him and would do anything for him. But he’s also perpetually frustrated by the idea that Sherlock can’t feel the same way, that he can’t have Sherlock. I think it’s quite telling that one of John’s most prominent character’s trait is “if I can’t have Sherlock no one can”  which expresses itself in John’s jealousy over everything. “Oh Sherlock didn’t text Irene? IS HE FUCKING IN LOVE WITH HER”. Lol John. Calm down. 2) the switch of POV from John to Sherlock. Which seems to suddenly erase everything John has gone through because Sherlock is heartbroken and sad? John spends most of the 3 series heartbroken and sad too, and you have very clear instances of that in s3 but I guess we tend to empathize with the POV we’re shown. 

I like the stripper thing though agsfasfasfasfasf. 

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HQ stills - Benedict Cumberbatch - South Bank Awards Show Photoshoot - 2006 - (x)

If only they hadn’t flipped the first one. It hurts my eyes.

Look, much better!

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